"Here I Am"

Graham Knight Sherring is an artist living and working in Falmouth, Cornwall. He was born in 1952, in a small village in Somerset, England, called North Cadbury. After leaving school he went to study at the Yeovil School of Art before going on to study at the Falmouth School of Art in Cornwall.
After leaving college and hitting the real world and finding he had to earn a living, life became a constant battle between doing his painting and earning a living wage. This battle went on for at least the next 10 years before he decided that earning a living was his priority and painting had to take second place. He never stopped painting in fact all his spare time was taken up doing art work and visiting art galleries.

So at the age of 34 he decided to move from Cornwall and went to live in London where there was more work and he was closer to all the art galleries and the art world in general. At this time he thought that if he worked and saved really hard the time would come when he would have enough money to concentrate on his painting full time.
It took him 20 years to achieve his dream, it sounds a long time, but for all those years, in his mind, he was living as an artist, he just wasn’t producing the amount of work that he would of liked. Looking back he has no regrets, he paints now with so much freedom and peace of mind that he doesn't have to worry about his paintings being liked, but he hopes that they are.. What- ever happens he will never stop painting, without painting he would be nothing, he was born to paint.

Art Work.
Knight-Sherrings art work is inspired by native art from around the world, and the abstract painters of the 20th century. The simplicity of native decoration and the complexity of abstract art have always held a fascination for him ever since his childhood. What is it that makes colour and shapes, bring out emotions in your mind.
The paintings that he does are all about exploring lines, shapes and colour and why presenting them in different ways creates different emotions, in a similar way that instrumental music does. Everyone will have their own thought patterns when listening to music, they will also have similar thoughts when looking at an abstract picture. All he tries to do with his pictures is to stimulate those thought patterns.

The first thing he has to do is create something that is pleasing to the eye, to get the viewer’s attention, then he has to find a way of keeping that attention, using colour and shapes and from then on, hopefully the viewer has been stimulated and his own thought patterns will have taken over and off he goes on his own journey.
When he looks at an abstract picture by another artist, the first thing he asks is what came first, where did the picture start, was it that line, was it that shape. Then, why that colour. You don’t have to ask yourself many questions before you get hooked and off you go in your own thoughts. If you can’t answer any questions when you look at a picture, then that picture is not for you.
Being an abstract painter it is so easy to think that you have to paint on large canvases. It is true abstract pictures do seem to work better on a large scale, but then you have the problem of what to do with them, unless they are commission pieces, or end up long term in a gallery, your market is very limited. I Knight-Sherring likes to think that his work is for everyone to buy no matter what size house they live in. So many people, will go out and buy a print of a large abstract painting to hang in their house, some- times costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds when they should be spending their money on original pieces of art, it would certainly be a better investment.

Knight-Sherring paints most of his pictures on 3’ by 2’ canvases or multiples of, he wants the general public to get more involved with buying original works of art, he wants to cut out the snobbery that exists around art.
You do not have to have any knowledge to know that you like something, whether it is food on a plate or paint on a canvas, knowing that you like something is good enough, you don’t have to justify it,  just enjoy it.